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Multiple Row Main Frames

Mount multiple planting units


MODEL 1302HC in the field

Our Model 1302HC Main Frame is ideal for mounting two rotary or conventional planter units as a tractor drawn two row transplanter. It can be purchased with an optional 300 gallon water barrel and/or a fertilizer attachment with a capacity of up to 400 pounds of granular fertilizer. To give plenty of clearance at row ends, hydraulics will raise the entire frame (including all planters and attachments).

Designed to carry 300 gallons of water and 400 pounds of fertilizer (when equipped with both the optional poly barrel and granular fertilizer attachment). Heavy duty tapered bearings insure dependable operations, including trailering over long distance. Uses 7:60 x 15″ implement rib tires (available).


MODEL 1304HC in the field

For larger acreage the Model 1304HC Main Frame is a rugged tractor drawn model. It is made to hold three or four Rotary One or conventional planting units, and can carry two optional 300 gallon water barrels as well as 800 pounds of fertilizer in the optional fertilizer attachments. Like the 1302HC it can also be raised at the end of each row, to give clearance during turning.

Uses 11 x 15″ flotation tires (available).


Two row Rotary One planting units shown on a 1302HC frame with center Spin trays and 300 gallon poly barrel.

Four conventional 1500 planting units shown on a 1304HC frame with standard plant boxes and two 300 gallon poly barrels.

2.5" x 2.5" Diamond Toolbar Style

Diamond toolbar with two Model 1600 transplanters and plant boxes.

Holland's 2-1/4" solid diamond shaped toolbar is available in 6 foot or 8 foot lengths.

They are the recommended arrangements for use with 2 conventional units, which would not be needing fertilizer attachments.

They include a CAT 1 or CAT II welded three point hitch.

Diamond tool bars are made from 2-1/2" SQ. Heavy wall tube.

Two Model 1600 planters on diamond tool bar with tool bar mounted water barrels.