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Rotary One

The most advanced transplanter on the market today.

For planting greenhouse tray plug plants, our rotary planting unit is number one in its field. That’s why we call it the Rotary One. With only one operator, this efficient machine will plant more than 60 plants per minute. After an initial setting is made to fit your desired depth and plant spacing, plants are dropped into the rotating cups and the planter does the rest. Spacing and plant depth are both very uniform. This transplanter can be used as a single row unit mounted on a three point hitch, or any number of units can be mounted onto either a toolbar or a tractor-drawn main frame. In addition to the many standard features, available options include coulter blades, cultivator attachments, different plant holding trays and your choice of seats.

The Rotary One

Plant Cups

Six large non-stick hinged cups are activated with a cam, opening each their entire length as they pass over the chute, which helps prevent plants from hanging up. Capable of setting tall plants.

Rubber Packing Wheels

Designed to pack soil firmly around each plant.

Gear Box

Our heavy duty gear box reduces downtime and maintenance.

Furrow Opener

The furrow opener is supplied with a non- stick polymer coating which resists soil build up and assures a narrow and uniform depth furrow.

Two row Rotary One on 4 x 7 tool bar with fertilizer attachments.

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