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Mulch Equipment

Handle mulch with ease and efficiency.

Holland has a full line of mulch handling equipment, whatever your crop may be. There is equipment to lay mulch, plant through mulch, or pick up the mulch at the end of the season. Look to Holland to make your job easier and more efficient, as you reap the many benefits connected with using plastic mulch.

MODEL 1265

mulch planter

MODEL 1275

mulch layer


About the 1265

The 1265 is designed to plant through the laid plastic mulch without leaving the plastic torn or full of holes. The operators drop the seedlings into the revolving spades, the planter does the rest. The spade pops a hole through the plastic and into the ground, sets the plant into the hole, gives it a shot of water, and repacks the soil around it. This is the easiest and best way to set your greenhouse plug plants in plastic mulch.


  • Specially designed heavy duty spades in 8 different sizes to fit different sized plugs.
  • Welded tubular frame for added strength.
  • Parking stand.
  • Water valve feeds each plug at time of transplanting.
  • Fully adjustable packing wheels, with weight basket.

Assembly & Operation Manual

The parts and assembly manual for this equipment is available for viewing and downloading.

Model 1265 in the field


About the 1275

Available with or without fertilizer attachment. The 1275 can lay 48″ plastic* without tearing, on flat ground or beds. The unit floats independent of its three-point hitch, ensuring a smooth application. By adding the fertilizer and drip irrigation attachments, you can reduce your expenses and still maximize your yield.

*Models for wider width plastic available on request.

Model 1275 in the field


About the 1295

The 1295 Mulch Digger eliminates the back-breaking job of digging the edges of the plastic out of the field at the end of the season. This heavily built digger will straddle the plastic, cutting the sod outside the edges, and lift those edges out of the soil, laying the plastic in one loose piece on top of the ground. An optional center mounted coulter blade can be added to slice the plastic down the center if desired.


  • Solid welded tubular construction with three point hitch.
  • Few moving parts – lower maintenance costs.
  • Heavy duty sod cutting disc blades.
  • Gauge wheels (optional)

Assembly & Operation Manual

The parts and assembly manual for this equipment is available for viewing and downloading.


Tempered steel replaceable lifting blades for long life.

Model 1295 in the field


About the 1235

In one pass, (with the optional irrigation attachment), the 1235 will:

  • Shape the bed
  • Lay the irrigation tape
  • Lay the mulch
  • Large bed forming plates are adjustable, are lined with a polymer coating to resist soil build up during use


  • Spare mulch roll holder
  • Bed shaper
  • Mulch packing wheels
  • Soil closing discs
  • Irrigation tape dispenser roll (optional)