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Conventional Transplanters

Solid performers with time-proven results

Quality design, workmanship and materials have made our conventional bare root transplanters the proven leaders for over 65 years. These three models can plant over 50 plants per minute, depending on plant spacings. Two operators feed the seedlings into rubber grippers which hold and protect the plant as it is guided into the furrow. A variety of optional plant holders are available for different type of seedlings. There is also an optional holder for your small greenhouse cell plants. Field spacing adjustments are easily made by changing sprockets.

MODEL 1500

economical and versatile


front wheel drive

MODEL 1600

toolbar mounted

Standard Features

Models 1500, FWD1500 and 1600, offer the following standard features:

  • Adjustability – closing guides, seats, footrest and plant box locations are all adjustable to your individual needs to assure faster and more comfortable planting.
  • Solid steel chain tighteners prevent packing wheel slippage.
  • Heavy duty drive chains, conveyor chains and cast iron sprockets minimize breakage downtime.
  • Grease fittings – all moving parts have grease fittings for a long and dependable life span.


Custom-build your planter to YOUR requirements.

Options like coulter blades, bed levelers, rubber packing wheels and cultivator attachments allow you to plant in different conditions, making this the most versatile transplanter on the market. And, like our rotary planters, these units can be used as a one row or multi row, either tractor mounted or tractor drawn.

Assembly & Parts Manual

The parts and assembly manual for this equipment is available for viewing and downloading.

MODEL 1500

When equipped with a 3 point hitch and 55 gallon barrel, the Model 1500 is the most economical and versatile single row planter available.

Shown with optional polymer coated furrow opener, three point hitch, 55 gallon poly barrel and fiberglass seats.

MODEL 1500 in the field


The large front wheel drive tire eliminates sliding in dry, sandy and loose soil conditions by using the front wheel to power the planter.

Shown with optional polymer coated furrow opener, rubber tire packing wheels, 55 gallon poly barrel, 3 point hitch and fiberglass seats.

MODEL FWD1500 in the field

MODEL 1600

Model 1600 can be mounted on any type tool bar for three point mounted multi row planting arrangements where fertilizer attachments are not being used.

Shown with blunt point furrow opener and fiberglass seats.

All models also offer the selection of five different holders and two different spacing configurations that allow you to get just the right combination needed to best handle your particular crop.

Chain Holder Arrangement

Provides plant spacing from 12″ to 96″

Disc Holder Arrangement

Provides plant spacing from 3″ to 48″

Plant Holders

5 interchangeable plant holder styles provide for your particular planting requirements.